How to Remove Skin Tags

Many individuals wonder *how to remove skin tags* that develop on the body. These annoying flaps of skin are unattractive, distracting and even disturbing. Everyone who is considering methods of removing the skin tags should always consult a doctor or watch the growth for signs of malignancy before trying any home methods.

A skin tag is a non-malignant, slow growth of skin flaps that are similar to the natural skin color. If the growth is rapid or the color changes to something dramatically different, consult a doctor before taking further action. How to Remove Skin Tags Methods of /how to remove skin tags/ include medical options.

The common medical removal methods are similar to the removal of warts. Doctors might suggest freezing the skin tags off. This method of skin tag removal works when a doctor applies liquid nitrogen to the skin tag until it changes color. The skin tag falls off within a day after freezing. Another method of how to remove skin tags doctors might suggest is cauterizing. This method of removal requires the doctor to use a cauterizing device which burns the skin tag and makes it fall off due to excess heat.

The final method of skin tag removal a doctor might suggest is cutting the skin tag off. As the name suggests, a doctor would remove the skin tag with medical shears or a scalpel. The home methods of how to remove skin tags are often simple. Anyone who is not concerned about cutting it off can use sharp scissors and dental floss to remove the skin tag. Simply tie the dental floss around the skin tag at the base of the skin tag and pull it tight. Put scissors above the floss, but as close as possible and cut off the skin tag. Apply an antibacterial ointment to the small wound to prevent infections.

Another option for at home removal is simply tying the floss as tight as possible. When the floss gets loose, tie it tight again until the blood circulation loss causes the skin tag to fall off.

How to Remove Skin Tags Conclusion

All natural methods of removing a skin tag involve the use of natural products like herbs or oils, for more details visit: Tea tree oil is a natural product that is effective against skin tags. Simply apply the oil to the tag throughout the day. After a few days, the skin tag falls off. Another option is the use of herbal extracts for skin tags.

Herbal extracts use a few different herbs to remove the skin tag. The method is similar to tea tree oil. Apply the extract over a few days and the skin tag should fall off. Castor oil combined with baking soda is another skin tag removal option. Mix the oil with baking soda until it forms a paste. Apply the paste and allow it to sit. Reapply about three times a day. After two weeks, the skin tag is removed. Removing skin tags varies on your personal preferences. Medical, home products or natural remedies are all effective methods of how to remove skin tags.