Surrogacy Services for Happy Parenting Experience

Surrogacy Services for Happy Parenting Experience

ADONIS Surrogacy clinic can be described by such words as Professional Treatment, Total Control, All-out Care and Support. Our main mission is to make people from the whole world happy and healthy. The best way of reaching this goal is to provide high quality medical services in different fields.  

ADONIS International Surrogacy is one of our main directions which help people to find parental happiness. 

Don’t lose your chance – find the best option for you!

Specializing on Gestational Surrogacy (with IVF base), we propose the range of advantages which provide this type of infertility treatment:

  •  Closeness with the baby on a genetic level 

The main and the most important thing for every patient is genetic relation with the future baby, ADONIS Gestational Surrogacy includes the necessary condition for every treatment – genetic relation with the intended parents (at least one of them).

  •  Profit from the previous infertility treatment 

Your remaining embryos from the previous infertility treatment can be used during ADONIS Surrogacy Process. The cryopreserved genetic material is the good basis for successful results.

  •  The widest variety of options to choose

ADONIS Surrogacy treatment provides the list of Programs fittable for different medical situations. Both men and women infertility treatment can be overcome with the help of ADONIS services and Surrogacy treatment.

  •  Juridical facilitation of procedures

With ADONIS Surrogacy the legal side of the treatment will be more understandable with great support from ADONIS own legal department. Favorable terms and conditions of Ukrainian legislation provide the total safety for intended parents (even for foreigners and their families).

International Surrogacy in Ukraine 

The new age of technologies help people from the whole world to be well-informed and receive the best treatment in well-equipped clinics. ADONIS Surrogacy Programs are available not only for the Ukrainian people, but for the people from different countries. 

We provide all-around support from your first step after arrival. Transfer from and to the airport, help with accommodation, 24/7 concierge service and medical assistance. 

The special opportunity for USA and Canada citizens are ensured. The Headquarter of ADONIS International LLC in the USA – it is the all day available consultations which will help you to choose the right treatment option before journeying to Ukraine.

The same time zone, effective help and payment system of USA banks – all possible services for your comfort. 

The cost of quality

With all Surrogacy Programs prices and Surrogate Mother compensations the misjudgment can appear. ADONIS Surrogate treatment is the most affordable service for the quality we provide, especially when comparing with the same Surrogacy treatment in the UK, USA or Canada. 

We do our utmost to provide medical treatment for everyone, because parental happiness is a really essential thing for stable adults. 

Your first step toward healthy procreation is the ADONIS Surrogacy Program. The qualification and total control – the bail of your great results and happy family. 

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