The Importance of Exercise for Health

When you’re looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one of the best ways to do this is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Not only can you improve your overall health by increasing your physical fitness, you can also reduce your risk of contracting diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Lowers blood sugar and insulin levels

Using exercise to lower blood sugar is beneficial for people with diabetes. This type of activity also improves insulin sensitivity. It helps the muscles use blood sugar for energy. If you are new to exercise, you may need to test your blood sugar before and after your workout.

Checking your blood sugar before and after your workout is important to prevent hypoglycemia. A small snack with carbohydrate can help lower your blood sugar. Some options are glucose tablets, fruit juice, or crackers.

The effects of exercise on insulin sensitivity last for a day. Enhanced insulin sensitivity means that the cells in the body can more easily use sugar in the bloodstream. During exercise, the pancreas secretes more insulin. But after you stop exercising, the amount of insulin in the blood is reduced.

Improves flexibility of bones and muscles

If you want to improve your flexibility, you have to start stretching regularly. This will increase the blood flow to your muscles and joints, allowing them to recover better. It also will help you to maintain the range of motion of your joints.

Stretching can be done with different types of exercise. Most of these exercises can be performed by almost anyone. You can even perform them after sitting for long periods.

Besides improving your range of motion, stretching can also reduce the risk of injuries. However, you need to exercise safely to avoid injury. Excessive stretching can cause your muscles to … Read more