Find Out The Gender of Your Baby Through a Peekaboo Test

Find Out The Gender of Your Baby Through a Peekaboo Test

Peekaboo test is one of the fastest and most accurate ways to find out the sex of your baby at an early stage of your pregnancy. With this gender test, you get 99% accuracy on the gender of your unborn baby, from only seven weeks into your pregnancy. That means that you will know the gender of your baby three months earlier than if you were to wait for an anatomy ultrasound. Can you just not wait to know if you’re having a little girl or a little boy? Then simply order a gender test online and find out within just a few days!

Ordering a Gender Test Online

To figure out the gender of your unborn baby within just four days, you can order an at-home gender test online. The at-home kit will reach you by mail within just 1-2 business days. The kit provides you with everything you need to draw a blood sample and send it safely to the lab where it will be tested. You will draw your blood using the finger prick method. Once your sample has arrived at the lab, it will be handled respectfully and responsibly by experienced professionals and the gender of your baby will be detected through carefully performed tests. After 1-2 business days, you will receive the results of your test via email.

Safety First

The importance of the safety of you and your baby far outweighs the importance of knowing the sex of your baby. It is therefore very important to perform everything safely, by making sure your environment and you yourself are clean and comfortable. A big part of this is hygiene, so make sure to clean your environment thoroughly before taking the blood sample. If you do not feel comfortable with taking your own blood sample at home, you can select the in-office kit when ordering your gender test. 

Personal Information and Privacy 

The handling of such personal, private information requires discretion and respect for one’s privacy. The experts who will be handling your blood sample and your test results will therefore handle your information very carefully and with the utmost respect for you and for your privacy. The results of your online gender test are exclusive to you and the professionals who have performed the tests for you. This way, you get to personally choose who gets to know the gender of your baby first. The email with your test results is for your eyes only, but of course, you can choose to share it with your partner, parents or other loved ones.

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